Speeches, lectures and presentations

Writing speeches and lectures is one of the classic activities of ghostwriters. This does not only apply to politics, where ghostwriting has always been common practice. In part, the ghostwriters are influential and busy politicians even known by name, but not always. Also for lecturers from companies or from the academic field such a support by a ghostwriter can be decisive for the success.

The reasons are easy to understand. For writing a speech or a lecture on a technical, often scientific topic, it is not enough to master the subject matter and to know how to write written texts. Because unlike a journal article, which follows a structure or obvious structure and in which the reader can skip less interesting passages to distress, oral performances must captivate the listener from beginning to end. Not only do they require an eye-catching approach, they also require a different diction and “dramaturgy” over the entire duration than a written text. To prepare the available information accordingly or to make a captivating lecture out of a possibly already existing professional article presupposes the knowledge of some rhetorical basic rules. Above all, a careful and conscientious preparation is the prerequisite for a successful presentation. Such preparation requires time. Time that is often insufficient for the speaker or speaker.

In such cases, it makes sense to outsource the planned speech or lecture from the outset, or at least to have the self-produced manuscript re-edited and rhetorically “prepared” by experts – by means of a speech manuscript characterized by a clear language with short, distinguishes precise sentences. We do without unnecessary complexity. Competence is communicated through comprehensibility. Of course, this also applies to presentations. The audience will thank the presenter.