Help with writing the business plan

Business plans (business plans) are needed for different purposes, ultimately, of course, for a comprehensive and structured summary and presentation of your own business idea.

Purpose and purpose of a business plan

Often the creation of a business plan is seen as a necessary evil to convince funders such as investors, banks, cooperation partners or funding agencies of the business idea. However, it is clear that many founders fail already in the start-up phase of starting a business, often because of insufficient planning and wrong assumptions. With a well thought out and meaningful business plan, the business idea can be more easily translated from theory into reality.

We as ghostwriters therefore recommend to understand and use the business plan as a tool for checking your own plans and calculations. Because business plans help you to put your business idea to the test and to question whether your idea is actually viable. If even donors can be convinced of the viability of the business idea, so much the better.

The business plan represents a kind of roadmap for the success-critical coming years of the business start-up, an intensive examination of the project in conceptual and numerical regard therefore seems quite meaningful.

In essence, the business plan consists of two elements:

Business idea: The business idea describes the offer in detail and describes to whom the offer is aimed (target group). Likewise, the business plan should set out how customers should be made aware of the offer (Marketing & Sales) and what opportunities and risks (SWOT analysis) can be identified.

Financial planning: The financial plan ensures the financial security (financing) of the business idea. It defines the economic feasibility (profitability forecast) of the business idea. Financial planning is thus of great importance.

To the business plan with a ghostwriter

If you want to start your own business or need capital for a new business, ghostwriters can help you with the business plan.

Ghostwriters put the crucial questions in close dialogue with you. In addition, upon request, they can create the necessary texts for the business plans, which include aspects such as market / competition, marketing / sales, SWOT analyzes. Thus, they provide you as the bearer of the business idea the necessary relief.

Our experts are also available for the preparation of the number-related content (capital requirement plan, financial plan, etc.) and can also put your business plan into the right shape externally.

Ask us, we help you with your business plan.