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Published articles in prestigious journals are sometimes a chore to succeed in a professional environment, but in any case increase the scientific reputation. Many researchers and professionals in various disciplines such as medicine, chemistry, law or economics are therefore often in the situation, more or less regularly to write articles for professional journals and publish. Most of the necessary data has long been collected, but sometimes there is still missing the statistical analysis and especially the writing and interpretation of the results. It should be noted that the study or the article should be adapted to the editorial requirements of the respective journals or their publisher. The requirements of the demanding peer review procedures must also be met. Otherwise, this may be associated with extensive revisions or the corresponding texts are not even accepted by the journal or journal. The peer review reports form the basis for deciding whether a manuscript or an article is accepted and published.

Ghostwriter for your scientific journal article

Our scientific ghostwriters are specialists in creating scientific papers that meet the specifications of professional journals and meet the requirements of peer review procedures. Many of our authors publish themselves, and are sometimes also reviewers in the peer review commissions. They know the sometimes unspoken editorial specifications of the magazines, which can be a prerequisite for a recording. Above all, they are familiar with the current scientific discussion and know about the journalistic and content-related classification of a specialist article. This makes ghostwriters valuable “sidekicks” that can make everyday life in work and research easier.

We will gladly assist you in the preparation of your scientific article and, if desired, also in the publication in a suitable journal / magazine or a suitable magazine.